Zoo92 Update

2016-03-05 23:14:54 by Zoo92

Hello, long time no speak!


Work has slowly continued since the last update.  When life allows me the time, I put my head down and try to complete as much as I can. Partly cause of how I tend to animate, it does take a long time. Distractions don't help things either. I'm happy to say that progress is going very well, and I'm on the way to posting up something new soon. Here's some screencaps, talk again soon!:






2014-11-15 19:37:42 by Zoo92



'Allo 'Allo! I've started a new animated series that I will be posting to as many places on the internet as I can! Especially Newgrounds, I've always had a soft spot for this place. Its really cool to still see it around after nearly 20 years! I regularly watched videos here waaaaay back in me high school days (still remember that old arse portal back in 2000, that ol' tune... oh my poor back).


This place was always for the animators. That's not to say I won't also be using Youtube as well, just differently. You'll only be getting the animation here, and the animation only. Over in youtubeland you'll also see me in front of the camera, talking and that. Though I'll be using that to hopefully discuss what I feel about today's climate concerning us animators. If you're interested you're welcome to head over there as well to get the full thingy-ma-jingy over time.


So yeah, more about Zoo92 will be shown as its ready. Follow along if you like what you see, and I hope you get a kick out of it! Later!




2012-11-05 04:52:04 by Zoo92

Here's a couple of recent animations I've been working on. They're not complete enough to go to the flash portal so they will be posted here to still give you all a good glimpse. One video is an animated intro for something else I've been working on, and the other is a bit from Karramantha, which is more sci-fi and will be alot more detailed than what I've posted before:

Karramantha - Upcoming Animation And Soundtrack

2011-08-08 05:10:18 by Zoo92

I create electronic music for fun under the name Loose Link:


So far I've released a few things, met and collaborated with many awesome musicians. My recent collaboration has lead me towards the goal of joining together two things that I love doing.

So, along with Junk Moon (which is getting there), I've also been working on:

Karramantha - A Glitch-Step collaboration by Loose Link And Option Command:

http://soundcloud.com/loose-link/loose -command-karramantha

It is apart of an upcoming MP3/FLAC release. It will feature tracks by us plus many different awesome remixes ranging from techno to ambient.

This release doubles as a soundtrack to a science fiction animation I'm working on. A prequel of sorts to a much larger story I've had in my head for ages. It will be a flash animation and it will be posted at places like Vimeo and of course on Newgrounds! The cover of the album is one frame I'm working on from the animation (work in progress).

I'm on the look out for more remixes. Any style and length will do. One thing I'm looking for is for the samples to not just be stuck together, use effects, cut them up, add an original beat and music to them! If you would like to have a go feel free and let me know!

Here's the sample pack:
http://www.mediafire.com/?ia2z32bvnbbw x2 r

A few remixes so far:

['tima] Remix:
http://soundcloud.com/timmesound/loose -c ommand-karramantha-my

Dinimiciúla Duo Remix:
http://soundcloud.com/user3900659/dini mi ci-la-duo-remix

Sven Meyer Remix:
http://soundcloud.com/sven-meyer/loose -c ommand-karramantha-sven

Karramantha - Upcoming Animation And Soundtrack


2011-04-13 06:19:59 by Zoo92

Hello everyone,

My name is Craig Gillman, I am an illustrator who is now interested in doing some animation.

One is coming soon, if you were fortunate enough to see and review it's test screening, you are super awesome.

For now, I've posted one of my previous comic stories that I have illustrated in my art section called Christmas Tree, so you'll know what to expect.

Talk again soon,